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Dear Christine: A Tribute to Christine Keeler, on display until February 29 at London’s ARTHOUSE1 (open from 3-7 pm on Thursdays to Sundays) is accompanied by a symposium featuring artists and commentators including historian Carol Dyhouse and Amanda Coe, writer/producer of The Trial of Christine Keeler, on Saturday, February 22. Admission is free but reserved to 40 places so book now via Eventbrite. (The painting shown above is ‘God Save Christine’ by Sal Jones.)

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has now been cancelled – more info here.

The day is scheduled as follows:

CATHY LOMAX: Christine Keeler on Film: 1–2PM

Christine Keeler is just one of the many real women who have been depicted on film. All too often, salacious aspects of their lives are foregrounded and this overshadows a rounded portrait of who they are. In this talk, Cathy Lomax will look at how Keeler has been portrayed in the films Scandal (1989) and The Keeler Affair (1963) alongside a broader look at images of women on screen and how this connects with Lomax’s art practice. The talk will be illustrated with film clips.

Cathy Lomax is an artist and director of Transition Gallery, London. She is currently researching the female film star image for a PhD in Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London.

CAROL DYHOUSE: Girl Trouble: Panic and Progress in the History of Young Women: 2–3PM

Carol Dyhouse will look at Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies in a context of moral panic over girlhood in post-war Britain. In what sense were they victims of their times? How far have we come since then?

Carol Dyhouse is a feminist social historian who has written widely on women’s work and education, glamour and girlhood. Her most recent book, Heartthrobs: A History of Women and Desire (Oxford University Press) has just come out in paperback.


Caroline Coon will deliver a talk examining themes including the shaming of women in a misogynist culture that punishes women for displaying sexual behaviour. As part of the discussion, the Divide and Rule questions she will ask are: what will we do, in the system of patriarchy, to stop men dividing women against each other the better to rule over us? Who will stand shoulder to shoulder with us whores?

Caroline Coon is an artist, writer and political activist. Her artwork often explores sexual themes from a feminist standpoint.

AMANDA COE: The Trial of Christine Keeler: 4–5PM

Amanda Coe, writer and executive producer of The Trial Of Christine Keeler, talks about Christine Keeler and the process of creating the recent BBC One drama. Includes a Q&A about the series.

Amanda Coe is an award-winning novelist and screenwriter who has written extensively for television. Her writing frequently explores class, history and female experience.

ARTIST PANEL TALK: hosted by Anna McNay (with Lucy Cox, Roxana Halls, Sal Jones and Sadie Lee): 5–6PM

Four artists from Dear Christine talk about their work for the exhibition, themes explored and how this relates to their own practice and particular interests. Hosted by Anna McNay.

Anna McNay is a freelance art writer, editor and curator. She writes catalogue essays, reviews, interviews, profiles and features for various online and print publications, including Art Quarterly, Studio International, Elephant magazine and The Flux Review. She is currently co-curating Beyond Other Horizons at the Iasi Palace of Culture, Iasi, Romania.

DRINKS/SNACKS: a celebration of Christine Keeler’s birthday and informal ‘meet the artists and curator’: 6–7PM