The Mmm Girl


“When reading The Mmm Girl, one can not help but realize that all previous attempts never quite got it – that elusive something special that made Monroe so incredibly unique…it takes not only talent but heart to tell the story right. Tara Hanks has both.”

David Marshall, author of The DD Group

Who was Marilyn Monroe? She began as Norma Jeane, the Los Angeles waif who dreamed of being a movie star. The camera worshipped her, and she became America’s greatest sex symbol.

For thirty-six years, she dazzled the world with her fragile, but radiant beauty. In private, she yearned for fulfilment. Her myth shone so brightly that it threatened to destroy her. Then, one night in 1962, she left us in mystery.

The Mmm Girl follows the journey of a self-made goddess, from the orphanage to the silver screen. By standing in her shoes, Tara Hanks uncovers the reality of Marilyn’s life – as she might have told it herself.


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