About Tara Hanks

Tara Hanks was born and raised in London. Since then she has lived in Lancaster, Derby and now Brighton. She is married and has two sons.

Wicked Baby, Tara’s novella based on the events of the Profumo Affair, was published in 2004. An extract has been showcased on the official website of Whitbread-nominated author Laura Hird.

The Mmm Girl, Tara’s novel about the life of Marilyn Monroe, is winner of the UKA Press Opening Pages Competition, and was published in 2007. Extracts from The Mmm Girl are featured in Voices From The Web Anthology 2006 and Fan Phenomena: Marilyn Monroe (2015.)

Co-authored with Eric Woodard, Jeanne Eagels: A Life Revealed – the first full-scale biography of the legendary actress in more than eighty years – was published in 2015.

Tara also writes about aspects of popular culture for a variety of websites and publications (including For Books’ Sake, Immortal Marilyn and Art Decades magazine) and maintains the ES Updates blog. She is currently working on her third novel.

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