The Mmm Girl – Reviews


“When reading The Mmm Girl, one can not help but realize that all previous attempts never quite got it – that elusive something special that made Monroe so incredibly unique…it takes not only talent but heart to tell the story right. Tara Hanks has both.”

David Marshall, author of ‘The DD Group’ – click here

The Mmm Girl has left an indelible series of images in my memory..this novel is more accurate, in many ways, than anything else that has been written about Marilyn and it is the only book to ever leave me with a lasting impression of the loneliness and desperation of her real life.” – Stuart P. Coates, author of ‘Norma Jeane’s Wishes In Time’ – read more

“A far more believable and affecting heroine…no mean feat when time and legend have transformed her into a goddess made of celluloid and rhinestones.”

Faye L. Booth, author of ‘Cover The Mirrors’ and ‘Trades Of The Flesh’ – read more

“Wonderful…so close to Marilyn’s life that you almost believe you are reading her own memoir…a real gem”

Michelle Morgan, author of ‘Marilyn Monroe, Private And Undisclosed’ –read more

“Even the most devoted Marilyn fans admit that Tara has captured the thoughts and feelings of one of the 20th century’s most iconic figures.”

Tony Cook, ABCtales 

“A brilliant, believable read…a weird and wonderful look into Marilyn Monroe’s life…though her fame certainly adds something, this would have been a really interesting read even if she wasn’t a well known name…I learnt a lot…but at the same time it didn’t seem at all like a history lesson.”

The Bookbag – read more

“You actually feel it’s Marilyn’s thoughts and words you are reading. You can almost hear her voice in your head…instead of being too explicit or provocative it’s just right, very sensual but sensitive to the reader’s taste at the same time.”

Immortal Marilyn – read more

The Mmm Girl shows Marilyn Monroe as rational and strong, though also fighting the sadness inside her…the real person, created and affected by the actual details of her life…Tara Hanks beautifully conveys Marilyn’s feelings of loneliness and being an outsider…her writing  leaves room for the imagination…the last pages of the novel are simple, sad and heartbreaking” – Magical Marilyn – read more

“With her enchanting novel, Tara Hanks has placed herself in Marilyn’s dinky stillettos to give her the voice that she was so often denied in life …in her bright, colourful style, Hanks retells Marilyn’s story with tender empathy and imaginative flair”

Mad About Marilyn – read more