Wicked Baby


“Tara has the ability to creep under the skin of her subject matter without making judgments … her bravery and her natural-born writer’s empathy rewarded her with a novella that must be the most unique work of ‘faction’ that I have read this year.”

Binnacle Press

It’s 1960, and a seventeen year-old girl is alone in London.  While working as a dancer in a club, she meets a jaded society doctor who introduces her to rich and powerful men.

But Christine Keeler is much more than just another empty-headed beauty.  Privy to secrets that threaten the heart of government, she is hunted down and forced to tell the truth as she sees it.

Wicked Baby is a novella based on the events of the Profumo Affair, a tale of innocence corrupted that dares to imagine the complex desires and motives behind a very English scandal.

A second edition is now available in paperback and via Kindle