Wicked Baby – Reviews


What The Critics Said

Tara has the ability to creep under the skin of her subject matter without making judgements … her bravery and her natural-born writer’s empathy rewarded her with a novella that must be the most unique work of ‘faction’ that I have read this year. — Binnacle Pressread more

The simple factual tone blends the efficiency of journalism with the immediacy of fairytale … the sweep across all the major figures convincingly portrays the atmosphere of the dawning of the Sixties. — Trash Fictionread more

This is as fine an introduction to the Profumo Affair as you are ever likely to meet. — Tregolwyn Book Reviews

Extremely well researched and written and, although it is fiction, stays close to real events. — Publish And Be Damned

Reader Comments

You have done a great job in representing the innocence of a girl who was considered anything but … WOW, what a read! Fantastic. — Diane, USA

I was deeply moved by Tara’s sensitivity for her subject and impressed by her restraint … the attention to period detail is a delight and I would recommend anyone who has a passion for the Sixties to read and enjoy! — Deborah, Ireland

A fantastic interpretation to personalise the story…a fantastic read that really recounts the whole affair. — Mike,UK

Tara did a wonderful job in getting across to me as a reader all of the emotions caught up in this case – and I learned too – and that is the sign of a very very good book – to enjoy, feel emotion and actually learn something. — David, USA

You have a great gift for creating a mood. A good story and above all excellent writing…it is about the best book I have picked up in a long while. Keep at it, we need more voices such as yours. — Lucy, USA

You really gave insight into Christine’s world…a world I’d like to see for only a brief moment. It was a dark novel, but you could feel the truth in it. I loved the book. I could go on forever…it was a wonderful read. — Birdie, USA

What a brilliant debut…this really puts the humanity in the story in a way that I have not come across before without ever once overstepping itself. — Steve, UK

Racy and compelling… — Nicholas, UK