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Dear Christine: A Tribute to Christine Keeler is now on display at Elysium Gallery in Swansea, open from Tuesdays to Sundays at 12pm until November 9, with a series of associated events. (Shown above is ‘Welcome to the Sixties’ by Cathy Lomax.)

Shani Rhys James and Sue Williams ‘in conversation’: Sat 12th October, 5pm

Caroline Coon, I AM WHORE: Sat 19th October, 5pm
Spoken word event: Sat 19th October, 7pm

SCANDAL Coda Humm VII: Sat 19th 9pm

Artist panel talk (with Marguerite Horner, Jowonder and Julia Maddison): Saturday 26th October, 5pm

Artist and curator Fionn Wilson spoke to Wales Art Review this weekend…

I can see the temptation to draw parallels with #MeToo, but for me it’s much more about class. The abuse that Keeler had to face, being called a slapper or a tart, is the exact same abuse that is levelled at working class women today and I find that far more of a compelling focus. There are a lot of themes that are relevant to today but she’s also very interesting in herself as a person, within her own context and her own time. The temptation is to make her seem to be completely relevant to today, which of course she is, but she also has her own particular place within that time and culture.

UPDATE: Swansea Celebrates ‘Dear Christine’ in Art and Poetry