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Dear Christine: A Tribute to Christine Keeler, a new exhibition curated by Fionn Wilson, will open at the Vane Gallery in Newcastle on June 1st (open from 12-5 pm on Wednesdays to Saturdays.) During its four week-stay, there will also be a series of lectures and workshops hosted by artists Caroline Coon, Claudia Clare, Sadie Hennessy, Helen Billinghurst and Cathy Lomax. Whether you see Christine Keeler as a Sixties icon or political figure, the women behind Dear Christine are, at long last, bringing her humanity into public view.

A limited edition, 110-pp deluxe hardback catalogue – creatively overseen by Fionn and beautifully designed by Rebecca Fairman, fully illustrated with original artwork and rare photographs, plus essays by myself and others – will also be available to buy for £30 from the gallery shop. Any profits will go towards producing a second softback edition. And if you can’t make it to Newcastle, Dear Christine will move on to Swansea in October, and finally London in February 2020.