Thanks to Faye L. Booth for giving me the above blog award! It seems that I now have to nominate five people for the award myself and fill in a meme questionnaire thingy, so here goes.

My Nominees

1. Bad Witch One of the most fascinating pagan blogs I’ve read.

2. Draw Something Awful Artist Elizabeth Grammaticas’ paintings of Marilyn Monroe, based on James Haspiel’s candid photos, are inspiring.

3. Marilyn Monroe Collection Scott Fortner’s blog is the place to go for all MM-related news.

4. Moon in the Gutter Exploring hidden gems of cinema and music over the last few decades.

5. Hoydens and Firebrands Womens’ lives in the early modern period under the microscope.

The Meme

Your phone? In the other room, only use it when I’m out

Your hair? Dark, long and curly

Your mother? Irish-born, classroom assistant

Your father? Londoner, lectures in gemmology

Your favourite food? Dark Mars Bars

Your dream last night? Woke up dizzy

Your favourite drink? Red grape Shloer

Your dream/goal? Surviving, and thriving

What room are you in? Living room

Your hobby? Watching old movies

Your fear? Too many

Where do you want to be in six years? In a good place

Where were you last night? At home, watching TV and reading George Gissing: A Life by Paul Delany

Something that you’re not? Whatever they say that I am

Muffins? They’re OK

Wishlist item? Bloomsbury’s Donna Tartt boxset – lovely hardcover editions

Where did you grow up? Essex, haha

Last thing you did? Listened to Gaga

What are you wearing? Black, warm

Your TV? Is a PC

Your pets? All dead I’m afraid

Friends? Both near and far

Your life? Monosyllabic, apparently

Your mood? Not bad

Missing someone? Not really

Vehicle? Yes, but I don’t drive it

Something you’re not wearing? Hat

Your favourite store? Amazon, I guess

Your favourite colour? Dark, earthy

When was the last time you cried? Last week

Your best friend? Andy

One place you go to over and over? The past is always with us

Facebook? Yes, until something better comes along – like telepathy

Favourite place to eat? Lix in Brighton for morning toast, Wetherspoon’s in Hove for dinner