My good friend Faye L. Booth, ‘scandalous lady bodice-ripper’ and author of Cover The Mirrors and the forthcoming Trades Of The Flesh,  has tagged me with this lovely blog award:


Yes, I know, the second line doesn’t really make sense. Now for the meme part…

Here are the rules of the meme:
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Linda L. Richards

Author of Death Was The Other Woman and Death Was In The Picture, set in Los Angeles in the 1930s and with a feisty heroine, Kitty Pangborn. Linda puts the ‘noir’ back into crime and is a warm, witty and stylish lady.

Moon In The Gutter

We met through a mutual admiration for Nastassja Kinski, and seem to share a penchant for lost causes. Jeremy Richey is one of the most sensitive, perceptive film critics around and every article he writes is a delight.


Alwyn W. Turner’s latest book, Crisis? What Crisis? explores 1970s Britain through the lens of pop culture. He is also one of the few people to have read (and reviewed) my first novel.

Silverwood Acres

Steve Cake is a multi-talented writer, artist and musician. An emaciated, chain-smoking suburban street kid who doesn’t even smoke anymore, Steve is one of my oldest friends – ex-Croydonians, to a tee. You can read some of his poetry here.

Self-Styled Siren

The Siren is a fairly new discovery for me, but her knowledge of old Hollywood is impressive. Not just the classics, but some neglected gems as well –  I always learn something when I visit her blog.