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Today marks a year’s passing since publication of my novel, The Mmm Girl: Marilyn Monroe, By Herself. Now I would like to remember here all the people who helped me during the writing of this book.

A Note Of Thanks

Seven years ago, shortly after I began writing The Mmm Girl, I fell pregnant with my second child. This book is dedicated to Lewis and his brother, Joe, and to my husband, Andy, who became my first reader.

During the writing of the novel, I was fortunate enough to meet several experts on the life of Marilyn Monroe – including David Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Roy Turner, Merja Pohjola and Elka Rioux. Their advice and support has been invaluable.

I am indebted to my editor, Don Masters of UKA Press, whose faith in our project was unwavering. He is both patient and helpful, and without his input, The Mmm Girl would not exist in this form. Don’s knowledge and insight has enabled me to achieve my goal.

Credit must also be given to many friends who encouraged me, especially Erica Taylor, Deborah Lysaght, Stephen Lewis Silverwood, Juliet O’Callaghan, Karen Inskip-Hayward, and Tony Cook. And to the many readers and reviewers who have sent me helpful feedback.

When I was thirteen years old, my father, Peter Dwyer-Hickey, bought me my first book about Marilyn Monroe. My love of reading was inherited from him, and finally made me a writer.

Last but not least is Marilyn herself, or Norma Jeane Mortenson to use her real name. The Mmm Girl is my tribute to the sweet and talented woman whose legend will never die.