Later this month, Madonna will be inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Her first reaction was one of ambivalence – wondering if she was now a ‘musical dinosaur’. She then began to reflect on her remarkable career. ‘It’s 25 years of writing, producing and recording,’ she says. ‘That’s a long time to do a job well, I might add. So, yeah – it’s a great sense of accomplishment.’

Some more narrow-minded critics have questioned whether Madonna, best known for her fusion of pop and dance music, belongs in the rock category at all. There will always be hostility towards the woman who has beaten the sensation-hungry media at their own game.

We need to celebrate all kinds of music, and if Madonna doesn’t deserve this award then I don’t know who does. Rock ‘n’ roll has opened the door for a variety of artists who may or may or not fit the definition of rock, and I think it’s all the richer for its diversity. Madonna has helped to break down the barriers between male and female, black and white, art and commerce.

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