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Here is a link to Fraser Penney’s review of ‘The Mmm Girl’ on the Immortal Marilyn fansite – and while you’re there, check out all the new updates. Many thanks to all at IM for your support.

“You actually feel it’s Marilyn’s thoughts and words you are reading. You can almost hear her voice in your head…a personal insight into Marilyn’s world and the people she knew, from her own perspective…this really gives the book it’s edge and a great authenticity which makes it less like a novel and more like an autobiography, had Marilyn written one… a great deal of sensitivity, giving Marilyn’s “words” dignity and her story the respect it deserves…Tara writes in such a tender and tasteful way you imagine Marilyn herself would have written with the same beautiful sublime style…instead of being too explicit or provocative it’s just right, very sensual but sensitive to the reader’s taste at the same time.”

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